Chirp C SDK  3.3.1
Use Chirp to send data over sound from your C application.
chirp_sdk_callback_set_t Struct Reference

#include <chirp_sdk_events.h>

Data Fields

chirp_sdk_state_callback_t on_state_changed
 Triggered when the SDK's state is changing.
chirp_sdk_callback_t on_sending
 Triggered when the SDK starts sending some data.
chirp_sdk_callback_t on_sent
 Triggered when the SDK has sent the data.
chirp_sdk_callback_t on_receiving
 Triggered when the SDK starts receiving some data.
chirp_sdk_callback_t on_received
 Triggered when the SDK has received the data.

Detailed Description

Structure containing the callbacks pointers. It is not necessary to set all the fields. Not setting a callback will only result in not being notified of the event.

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