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ChirpSDK Properties

The ChirpSDK type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChannelCount

Get the number of channels supported by the config used.

By default, most configs only support a single channel.To discuss support for multi - channel transmission, please get in touch at

Public propertyInfo

Return a short description string of the config being used.

An example of the type of string can be : "Chirp SDK with "standard - 2018" config v1 [max 32 bytes in 4.52s]"

Public propertyListenToSelf

Get or set the SDK's self listening property.

This tells the SDK if it can try to decode the data it sends. Defaults to false. Set to true if you want your application to be able to hear its own chirps.

Public propertyMaxPayloadLength
Get the maximum payload length allowed by the current config set for the SDK.
Public propertyRandomSeed
Sets the internal seed used for the random generation of the payloads.
Public propertyState

Get the state of the SDK.

See SDKState for the possible states of the SDK.

Public propertyTransmissionChannel

Get or set the channel on which the data is sent / received.

Chirp listens for broadcasts on all channels simultaneously, but only transmits on a single channel at a time. Allowed values are between 0 and ChannelCount - 1.

Public propertyVersion
Get the version number of the SDK.
Public propertyVolume

Get or set the volume of the SDK, between 0 and 1.

This volume only influences the SDK's software output volume, and may be affected by the system's hardware audio volume.

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